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Photo Album List

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Most Recently Added and Updated Albums
Field Pictures
30 photos - updated 6/16/2023
Pictures and videosOf Drone flights and stunts
Fly Rusty
1 photos - updated 11/12/2021
Member Activities
36 photos - updated 10/2/2021
New Year's Day 2016
10 photos - updated 1/1/2016
My Aircraft photos
8 photos - updated 3/20/2015
New Years Day 2015
18 photos - updated 1/2/2015
Sean's Projects
31 photos - updated 2/23/2014
Innsbrook Fall Float Fly 2013
13 photos - updated 10/4/2013
Dave Evans' Airplanes
15 photos - updated 10/4/2013
Another great event
2013 Innsbrook Float Fly
17 photos - updated 6/2/2013
June 2012 Hayes Float Fly
22 photos - updated 6/27/2012
Scouts 2012
19 photos - updated 6/4/2012
Pictures from the 2012 Innsbrook float fly.     Unfortunately, I missed getting Bob Goulding flying his Apprentice and I didn't get a picture of my EStarter.  Other than those two omissions, I think w
2012 Innsbrook Float Fly
31 photos - updated 6/4/2012
Indoor Flying - Moscow Mills
1 photos - updated 1/1/2012
Elfrink Lake Float Fly July 2011
11 photos - updated 7/24/2011
June 2011 Hayes Float Fly
8 photos - updated 6/30/2011
2011 Innsbrook Float Fly
12 photos - updated 5/29/2011
With about 3" of snow on the ground, I wanted to see if my Ultra Stick on floats would work on snow.  Day was sunny, wind was moderate and down runway; great flying weather except for 29 degree temper
Ultra Stick on Snow, 12-26-10
11 photos - updated 1/29/2011
WF & PF Fun Fly
13 photos - updated 9/22/2010
2010 Hayes Lake Float Fly
13 photos - updated 8/29/2010
July 2010 Elfrink Float Fly
7 photos - updated 7/18/2010
June 2010 Hayes Float Fly
11 photos - updated 6/27/2010
2010 Innsbrook Float Fly
21 photos - updated 6/4/2010
We had eight club members fly. Nine including Jim Greenwood who flew at a local school by his house.  (Sorry Don if you don't show you can't make rules about no electric planes for the New Years Day F
2010 New Years Day Fly In
32 photos - updated 1/2/2010
The weather was great though it got a little windy in the afternoon.  Everyone had a wonderful time.
August 2009 Float Fly
16 photos - updated 8/29/2009
Aug 2009 Airshow
9 photos - updated 8/19/2009
  The weather was a bit windy, but a lot of members showed up for the festivities.  Only a few people actually flew, due to the wind's unpredictability, but the food was good and everyone had a grea
2009 Air Show
22 photos - updated 8/15/2009
2009 Hayes Lake Float Fly
14 photos - updated 6/20/2009
2009 Innsbrook Float Fly
26 photos - updated 5/23/2009
     Results of Sept. 20 Fun Fly              Ten club members came out to try their hand at three fun fly tasks.  The weather was “iffy”, but the rain held off, and it turned out to be a deli
2008 September Fun Fly
15 photos - updated 9/20/2008

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