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Flight Training Program
The Wright Flyers Club offers Flight Training to all of it's members.

Wright Flyers Club Flight Trianing 
& Ground Crew Program


The Wright Flyers Club Training Pilot Program has been organized to make more instructors available to members. In the past, an instructor could potentially spend several hours with a new student just trying to get their airplane ready for it’s first flight. In this process that flight instructor wasn’t available to other members who were ready to fly. In addition to this instructor not being available to train others, the instructor was unable to fly his/her own airplane during this time.

The Wright Flyers participate in the AMA Introductory Flight Training program and offers this program to prospective members.  This program allows a person interested in learning to fly to participate for 30 days without joining the AMA. Under this program a person may fly under the supervision of a Club instructor using a "buddy box" system for a maximum of 30 days without joining the AMA or the Wright Flyers Club.

If you find that this hobby is for you we would welcome you to join our club.

Wright Flyers offers this program to anyone interested free of charge every Monday night at 5:00pm during the months of May through August.

For directions to the field please see the Field Information page.

Flight Training is also offered free of charge to any member of Wright Flyers.

Members are reminded that incidents and accidents can and do happen with model aircraft. All Club Instructor Pilots are highly qualified and capable r/c pilots, they will do everything in their power to assure a safe and uneventful flight of your model. Club Instructors are in NO WAY liable for incidents or accidents that damage or destroy your model which occur while they are operating your aircraft.

Club members are also reminded that Ground Crew and Instructor Pilots are functioning in these capacities on a voluntary basis. These members are at the field to fly their own aircraft; they will assist other members at the Instructors convenience.

For more information on Flight Training contact: Flight Training Coordinator


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