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Flying Field Information

Wright Flyer's Club
uses their flying field located in Wright City, MO.  The site is a FAA Recognized Identification Area where RC aircraft and drones may be flown legally without remote ID equipment.

Location Map

Visitors and spectators are always welcomed.

Field Pictures

Field Pictures


Directions to the Flying Field


From Hwy 70 Exit 200, turn north. Take the North Service road east .2 mi. Turn left (north) on Hwy J. Travel 1 mile to Godt Rd. Turn Left (west), follow Godt .7 mi. bear to your right.


Flying Field Regulations


1.     Use of our field for flying has been granted by agreement with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Please observe the rules and keep the area clean.

2.     During periods of field maintenance and grass mowing, the runway is closed. No flying will be permitted until the mowing or maintenance crew has opened the field for flying.

3.     No alcoholic beverages are allowed at the flying field. No flying will be permitted if alcoholic beverages have been used before flying.

4.    Guest flying: A total of six visits per year is the limit for a guest pilot. All guests must be accompanied by a club member.

5.     Children must be closely supervised at all times. Children and other spectators must remain behind an invisible line which is behind the pit area and extends parallel to the runway for the full length of the field.

6.     Animals brought to the field by spectators or modelers must be restrained at all times

7.     To prevent damage to the grass in the pit area, a positive means (i.e., catch bottle or equivalent) of preventing fuel spills is required.

8.     The field is closed on Mondays, May thru Aug. at 5:00 P.M. until Pilot Training for that day is completed.


1.     The club offers free flying lessons to prospective new members. Student pilots will be enrolled in the AMA Introductory Pilot Program which provides insurance coverage for up to 90 days from the trainee's first training flight. Thereafter, the trainee must join the AMA and the Wright Flyers Club to continue to fly at the field.

2.     All flying is to be done in accordance with the AMA Model Aircraft Safety Code.

3.     No more than three planes are allowed in the air at a time.

4.     If using 72 MHz frequencies, your club membership card must be on the frequency control board to turn on your transmitter. If there are multiple cards on the same frequency, do not turn on your transmitter until you have notified each of the other users of that frequency, and confirmed they are not using it.

5.     Use of the frequency control board is not required for 2.4 GHz transmitters.

6.     Careless, reckless and/or dangerous flying as determined by any two or more club members shall not be permitted. Do not hesitate to express your concerns to fellow pilots regarding their flying if it bothers you.

7.     All engines must have a muffler or an effective silencer. All planes must not exceed 100db noise level at 9 feet on grass. If not, the plane must not fly until it has met this requirement.

8.     No internal combustion engine operation before 8:30 AM. Electric motors may be run beginning at sunrise.

9.     No internal combustion engine operation after sunset, and no flying of any kind is permitted between
11:00 PM and sunrise the next day.

Please read the complete Safety Rules & Regulations

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