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Beginner Information

The following links contain valuable information for the beginner and novice R/C Pilot.  In addition, there is information on teaching R/C Flying which contains a great deal of useful information for a beginner.   It is highly recommended that you read through each of these sections to help you further your R/C Flying abilities and knowledge.

Check out our Channel Usage Chart
(located on our Field Information Page) to make sure you choose a channel that isn't too crowded.

(When you buy your radio equipment you CAN specify the channel for your radio.)
Field Information Page (Containing Channel Usage Chart)

Beginners Basics - Beginners Guide to R/C Flight
This section by Howard Sullivan is an excellent overview of R/C Flight.
Contains many diagrams and images, very comprehensive.


 Learning to build Model Airplanes
An excellent outline by Master Builder Barry Schilling

Beginner's Corner
This section by Scott Christensen goes into your first lessons as a new R/C Student.

R/C Dictionary
This helpful list will assist you to better understand the many R/C related terms.

 Beginner Aircraft - Help you choose the right set-up
This section helps beginners select the set-up that is right for them. 
Two recommended set-ups are discussed which include high
quality gear that will give many years of R/C enjoyment

R/C Airplane Basics
From, a guide to answering the basics about R/C Aircraft.
This guide helps explain the basics and more!

R/C Radio Basics
From, a guide to answering the basics about R/C Aircraft Radio Systems.
This guide helps explain the basics and more!

R/C Aircraft Engine Basics
From, a guide to answering the basics about R/C Aircraft Engines.
This guide helps explain the basics and more!

Engine Specification & Propeller Selection Charts
This section will give you detailed engine specifications &

recommended propeller sizes for proper running of your engine.

Radio Frequency and Channel Chart
This chart lists all available frequencies for use with R/C equipment.

Beginner Tip's & Hints
This section contains some of the hints & tips that will make your R/C experience much more enjoyable.
These are some items that have been learned through years of experience.

Flight Instruction Program Information
This section explain the procedures that are to be followed for all new aircraft and pilots.
This is required reading for ALL members.

Aircraft Maiden Flight Checklist (PDF Format)
All members who build a new airplane (kit or ARF) should be sure all items on this
checklist are satisfactory before bringing the airplane to the field.
All Ground Crew and Instructor Pilot's should utilize this checklist when inspecting a new model.

NOTICE: The Aircraft Maiden Flight Checklist is in Adobe PDF format.
This reader can be downloaded FREE,
just click on the icon below:


Basic Flying Field Procedures
This section contains some of the basic safety and
courtesy procedures used at the Wright Flyers Field.

Wright Flyer's Safety Guidelines
This is the complete Wright Flyers Club Safety Guideline. 
This is required reading for ALL members.

Daily Aircraft Checklist
This section covers the daily safety checks that should be

performed on you aircraft before each flying day.

Teaching R/C Flying
This section by Mike Lynch discusses everything a new R/C Instructor needs to know to get started. 
This is also HIGHLY RECOMMENDED reading for all NEW R/C Student Flyers.


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